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we take our power from our
experience, our knowledge and
the developing technology.


PM Manipulators belong to Erha Engineering brand.


 Processing – Mechanical Manufacturing

Welding Constructions Samples



Centrifugal&Statik Casting 3.1&3.2 quality level


Erha’s Power is coming from very strong and reliable network. Network policy is working with the company’s expertise in their profession.

ERHA Team directs and leads all the productions. Before the production starts quality control point sand quality risks are being highlighted by ERHA Team.

Ergonomic Handling

Pneumatic manipulator production and integration. (Own product)


We are a company holding ISO 3834-2 quality certicate and under continuous inspection by TÜV.
We built our quality needs according to Tank Protection company needs . We are producing Petro chemical Tanks Protection Breather Valves and also Flame arresters. There parts are %100 percent controlled parts .All our certicates are up dated. We have 3 welding inspectors in the company and our welders are certied. Our PQRs are according to our customers’ needs.


Steel castings are being done in one of Europe’s best steel casting company.Company is holding all necessary certicates with a full equipped and classied laboratory.Aluminum casting foundry is supplier to Automotive Industry and has a high capability with deep know how.

Material Cuttings

Oxi Cut Laser Cut and Water jet supplier companies are also yearly fixed working hour prices and continuous jobs are being done in these companies.


ERHA has its own machining department also a limitless network. Scope starts from High speed machining centers up to big dimension body and shaft machining.

Why Erha Engineering?




Why Erha Engineering?

Erha Engineering was founded in 1988. At that time our primary focus was to supply our country’s growing industry with; engineering consultancy, new technologies, equipments, custom designs… We have broadened our expertise and customer base to include many different industries. Our machines have been shipped to customers throughout the country. While producing special machines our experience in manufacturing techniques gave us deep know how and made us divide ERHA into three divisions.


ERHA ENGINEERING has been established to support the developing industry of the country with engineering services, with new equipments of the latest technology and with special designs. Having obtained know-how and capability on pneumatic elements and pneumatic automation fields within the time passed, our company has started domestic production of manipulators, which are one of the important requirements of the modern industry, in Turkey. With six projects received grants from TUBITAK and 2 projects accepted by KOSGEB, our company performs all its designs and projects by making simulations and tests in Solidworks Premium Office software. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certification systems, it carries out manufacturing and application complying with CE standards. ERHA ENGINEERING has all the equipment and systems that a modern company is required to have.


What our country, dependent on the foreign countries for automation and modern manufacturing tools, requires is to render the pneumatic manipulator a brand of Turkey and show up as a Turkish brand in global market.


Setting sustainable and continuous quality and development as its goal, our company is committed to be solution-oriented by standing beside the customers by delivering most successful solution on-time and also providing service and revisions agter the installation.

Quality Certificates