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Why Erha Engineering?

The experience brought by the trust, combined together with youth and dynamism by ERHA Engineering Turkey's generation will be a brand for years. Being the only company in its integrated facility with welding, machining, painting and assembly capacity all together to provide high quality, reliable and on time deliveries.

Who Are We?

Erha Engineering was founded in 1988.  At that time our primary focus was to supply our country's growing industry with; engineering consultancy, new technologies, equipments, custom designs... We have broadened our expertise and customer base to include many different industries. Our machines have been shipped to customers throughout the country.

While producing special machines our experience in manufacturing techniques gave us deep know how and made us divide ERHA into three divisions;

     Engineering Division

                Custom designs


                Supporting Subcontracting Division

     Subcontracting Division

                Spare parts


     Ergonomic Handling

                Pneumatic Manipulators (Own product)



Our experience from the varied industries brings us fresh insights into the challenges that we find in new projects. Erha Engineering has established a solid reputation for consistently providing reliable, high quality systems for industry.

With this knowhow and capability now the main strategy of ERHA is to be a subcontractor to North American and European companies besides looking for partners for our own product PM pneumatic manipulators.



"We hope that you will give us the opportunity to bring all of our experience and skills together on your next project."

                                                                                                                                                                Umit Nazif Erman


Who are we?

OUR COMPANY CONSISTS OF 6 ENGINEERS, 2 TECHNICIANS, 35 WORKERS The foundations of ERHA are based on FORD Motor Company.

General Manager: Ümit Nazif Erman

Mechanical engineer 

He is our founder and previously served as director of the design and production department of fittings, fasteners and custom-designed machines at FORD Motor Company. 


Deputy General Manager: Umut Erman

Mechanical engineer 

He has worked for Goss Graphics in Preston, UK for 3.5 years as a development engineer and has been with ERHA since 2004.


Deputy General Manager:  Barış Erman 

Electrical engineer

He has been working at Erha for since 2004 after his internship at FORD Motor Company.

Plant Manager: Volkan Sert

Mechanical engineer

He has been working at ERHA since 2011.


Our company, which aims at sustainable quality and development, promises to stand by its customers with its solution-oriented approach after the most successful solution is delivered on time.


Moderate- Customer Oriented -Open for Development - Leader

"Our employer is our customers."

                         Ümit Nazif Erman


  • Machining

  • Assembly & Welding

  • Painting Workshopi

  • Storage Area

Erha's Machine Capacity

CNC Department Machine Park ve Bench Dimensions


Machining Department

  • UNION CNC Horizontal Milling Machine 2000*1600*1000
  • Hardford HCMC 1800 - 1800  *900 * 550
  • Hardford HCMC 1000 4 axis - 990 * 590 * 600
  • Dechel Maho DMU 80 Pu 5 Axis - 800 * 940 * 400
  • DMG DMC 60 T  5 Axis Milling machine 780*560*560 (2 Palet)
  • DMG DMU 50 5 Axis Milling machine 500*450*400
  • Moriseiki Duavertical 5080 4 Axis - 790 * 500 * 400
  • LAGUN 4 Axis - 1050 * 580 * 570
  • Tos Kurim - 700 * 300 *300
  • DMG DMC 60T 5 Axis Double Plate
  • DMG DMU 50  5 Axis 3+2


Lathe Department

  • ZMM CU 1250 - 1250 * 5000
  • WEILER - 1100 * 3000
  • Supermax YCM - 530 * 1170
  • Heyligenstaedt Heynu - 700* 900
  • Doosan Puma GT 2600L - 450 *1000
  • Doosan Puma GT 2100B - 380 * 560
  • ZMM Bulgar - 400 * 1400
  • VDF - 190 * 990
  • CNC Lathe Mazak 10"
  • CNC Lathe Mazak 8" C-Axis
  • CNC Lathe Mazak Integre J 5-Axis
  • Surface Grinding Machine 400 * 800mm
  • Mitutoyo 2 Dimension form and coordinate measuring tool 0-600mm / 370-970mm
  • Hexagon Dimension form and coordinate measuring tool 600 * 500 * 400
  • 10 Tons Crane x 1
  • 6.3 Tons Crane x 4
  • MIG / MAG Welding Machines
  • TIG Welding Machines
  • 3.5 Tons Forklift
  • Various assembly tools…


Erha Engineering was established in 1988. Our main goal in that title is engineering consultancy, new technologies, writing, special designs etc. We have expanded our expertise and customer base to include many different types. We sent our machines to customers all over the country. Special machines are productive, our experience in manufacturing techniques has allowed us to gain a great deal of knowledge and has led us to divide the ERHA into three parts.

ERHA ENGINEERING was established to support the industry of the developing country with engineering services, the latest technology, new equipment and special designs. Elapsed time and knowledge in the field of automation pneumatic components and pneumatic manipulator reaching capability, our company is one of the most important needs of modern industry began to domestic production in Turkey. Our company, whose six projects have received grant support from TÜBİTAK, and 2 projects have been accepted by KOSGEB, carries out all its designs and projects by simulating and testing Solidworks Premium Office programs. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certification systems, it manufactures and applies in CE standards. ERHA ENGINEERING has all the equipment that a modern company should have.

The needs of the modern means of production export dependent countries in automation and pneumatic manipulator brought into Turkey's brand is to show the size as a Turkish brand in the world market.

Our company, which targets sustainable, continuous quality and development. It promises to be solution-oriented next to the customer with the most successful solution on time delivery and post-installation service and revisions.